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Automate onboarding tasks seamlessly

Eliminate repetitive tasks and automate the onboarding journey. From document submissions to training schedules, CheckFlow ensures every step is timely and efficient. Set up workflows that automatically trigger actions like sending welcome emails, scheduling training sessions, and more.

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Connect with HR systems to enhance onboarding

Easily integrate with HR platforms, payroll systems, and other essential tools to create a cohesive onboarding experience. Use our API, Zapier, or webhooks to sync data across platforms, ensuring new hires have everything they need from day one.

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Integrate With Other Applications Using Zapier
Assign Tasks and Set Due Dates


Foster teamwork from the start

Onboarding is a team effort. CheckFlow facilitates collaboration by allowing team members to share resources, feedback, and updates easily. Set permissions, assign tasks, and keep everyone in the loop with real-time notifications and comments.

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Customize onboarding for various roles

Tailor the onboarding process with conditional logic to address the specific needs of different positions within your company. Automatically adjust tasks and training based on the role, department, or any other relevant criteria.

Build Dynamic and Responsive Processes Using Conditional Logic
Analytics and Reporting To Give You Control Of Your Data


Track progress and optimize onboarding

Monitor how effectively new hires are being onboarded with real-time dashboards and detailed reports. Identify bottlenecks, assess the effectiveness of training modules, and continuously improve your onboarding processes.

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Kickstart onboarding with pre-built templates

Use our customizable templates to quickly set up comprehensive onboarding workflows. From executive roles to intern positions, our templates make it easy to ensure every new hire receives a consistent and thorough introduction to your company.

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From Tech to Retail, CheckFlow Smooths Every Onboarding Path

Our onboarding software is trusted by companies worldwide to welcome and integrate their new team members effectively.

Powerful Dashboards for Easy Management

See your processes in a clear and understandable way, from start to finish.

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