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Automate approval processes quickly and easily

Cut manual tasks out and simplify the way you handle approvals. Our approval software helps users to do more with less by quickly documenting approval workflows in pre-defined templates, assigning tasks, setting deadlines that can be monitored throughout the project lifecycle, and automatically pulling information from third-party applications and APIs as needed.

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Integrate with other apps to streamline your approval workflows

Use Zapier, webhooks, or our API to streamline your approval processes. Manage your approvals from one source to automate the way you get things done using other integrated software and applications.

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Integrate With Other Applications Using Zapier
Assign Tasks and Set Due Dates


Approval software that makes team-work a breeze

Whether you're in operations, marketing, or the executive suite - collaboration is key to staying on top. And it's never been easier with CheckFlow. With our approval software, you can build an approval process and share it with the team. Users can comment on tasks, send notifications, set due dates, and control editing/access permissions with a click of a button.

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Easily build dynamic approval workflows using if/then logic rules

Use conditional logic to simplify your approval processes. With this feature, you can create flexible workflows that automatically adapt to different situations and outcomes, making it easier to automate decisions based on different teams and scenarios.

Build Dynamic and Responsive Processes Using Conditional Logic
Analytics and Reporting To Give You Control Of Your Data


Understand how your approval processes are performing in real-time

Experience the benefits of using approval software to analyze, compare, and improve your operational outputs in real-time with our dashboard. Then, leverage our reporting and analytics tools to run bespoke reports that cater specifically to your organization's needs! It's never been easier to highlight process bottlenecks, redundancies, and inefficiencies.

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Build complex approval workflows with simple no-code software

Build your approval process in minutes using our simple and intuitive designer. Create tasks, add controls to capture or display data. Customize the behavior of your process using due dates, assignments, conditional logic, halt tasks, and more. With CheckFlow, your approval workflows can be designed to meet any scenario.

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From HR to Finance, Marketing to Sales, CheckFlow Optimizes Every Approval Process

Our approval software is used by businesses around the world to manage their approval workflows more effectively.

Powerful Dashboards for Easy Management

See your processes in a clear and understandable way, from start to finish.

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