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Step 1

Design Your Checklist

Design Your Checklist

Design your checklist using our simple drag and drop template builder.

Step 2

Create Your Checklists

Create Your Checklists

Create or schedule multiple instances of your checklists as and when you need them.

Step 3

Monitor Your Checklists

Monitor Your Checklists

Monitor the progress of your checklists using our real-time dashboard.

Simple Checklist Builder

Our easy to use, no-code designer allows you to get started quickly.

Create tasks and add controls to capture input or display data.

Control how your checklist behaves using task assignments, due dates, conditional logic and more.

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Take Your Checklists to the Next Level

With Our Advanced Workflow & Automation Features

Dynamic Checklists

Using Conditional Logic

Conditional logic allows you to create if/then rules to show/hide entire tasks, or specific controls within your tasks.

This makes your checklists responsive to user input. For example, if the user selects a product you can display tasks and controls that are related to that specific product only.

Build Dynamic and Responsive Processes Using Conditional Logic

Task Assignments

Automated & Flexible

Assign tasks to users, groups or even to parameters. You can automate your task assignments by defining them in your template.

Permission your tasks by specifying that only assignees can complete the task.

Instant notifications are sent via email and/or Slack whenever a task is assigned.

Dynamic Due Dates

Set & Tracked For You

Create rules to determine when your tasks are due to be completed.

Base your task due dates on:

  • The start date of the checklist
  • Date controls within your checklist
  • The completion of other tasks.

The due dates rules you create will automatically adjust based on user input.

Automated notifications are sent out via Email and Slack so that your team are always kept on track.

Create rules to automatically adjust the due date

Halt Tasks

To Keep Things In Order

Halt tasks give you complete control over the order in which tasks can be completed.

Tasks that follow a halted task are disabled until the halted task and all preceding tasks have been completed.

Combine this feature with exclusive task assignments to build an approval step in to your checklist.


For Any Scenario

Build rules to send custom notifications when events occur in your checklists, such as:

  • Task Is Due In
  • Task Is Overdue By
  • Task Is Completed
  • Task Status Has Changed
  • Checklist Is Completed

Notifications are sent via Email and/or Slack. They can also be sent to external email addresses.

Create notification sequences in just a few steps.

For example, by creating rules based on the Task Is Due In and Task Is Overdue By events you can create a sequence like this:

  1. 📧 - Task is due in 2 days
  2. 📧 - Task is due in 6 hours
  3. 📧 - Task is due now
  4. 📧 - Task is overdue by 4 hours
Receive Automatic Email and In App Notifications

Checklist Parameters

To Add Flexibility

Parameters can be bound to controls or task assignments. The values of the parameters can be set at run-time.

This allows for a great level of flexibility. Using parameters you can:

  • Automate task assignments, even for tasks that are assigned to different users each time.
  • Populate the list control (drop-down, mult-select and sub-task) items within your checklist.
  • Initialise your checklist with specific information.
  • Set up your checklist by combining parameters with Conditional Logic.
  • Set default values for specific controls.
Create rules to automatically adjust the due date

Schedule Your Checklists

On a Recurring Basis

Create checklists automatically based on any recurring schedule.

Combine scheduling with parameters, task assignments and due dates to fully automate the creation and management of your checklists.

Create Recurring Checklists Using Our Scheduler

Simplify Everything, With Checklists

CheckFlow has a range of features that enable you to create, manage and track complex processes with ease.

Take a look at how companies are using our checklist software to effectively manage their processes and standard operating procedures.

Integrate & Automate

Using Our Zapier App, API & Webhooks

Connecting with other apps is made super easy using our two-way Zapier integration. Everything from setting up integrations and automations can be done without writing a single line of code on your end.

For ultimate flexibility use our open REST API or real-time JSON webhooks.

Integrate With Other Applications Using Zapier

Manage & Track Your Checklists Easily

Using Our Real-Time Dashboard

Managing your checklists is simple with CheckFlow. Our real-time dashboard shows you the progress of your checklists. When tasks are completed the dashboard is updated instantly. This ensures that you and your team are always kept up to date.

Analytics and Reporting To Give You Control Of Your Data

Analytics & Reporting

Provide Insights & Understanding

Our Analytics dashboard helps you see how your processes are performing and where improvements can be made.

There are many options for further data analysis. You can downloaded individual checklists as a PDF, export bulk data to Excel, or use the API to extract even more information.

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