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CheckFlow provides a simple way to manage and automate your team's recurring checklists and procedures.

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Step 1

Build Your Process Template

Create Your Process Template

Build a template of your process using our no-code drag and drop designer.

Step 2

Run Multiple Instances

Run Multiple Instances of Your Process Template

Run or schedule multiple instances of your template as checklists.

Step 3

Monitor In Real-Time

Monitor Your Processes in Real Time

Monitor and control your processes using our real-time dashboard.

Build Your Process

Using Our Drag & Drop Designer

Our simple editor allows you to easily create tasks in seconds.

Drag and drop controls on to each task to capture input or display data.

Control and automate your workflow using the advanced features discussed in the next section.

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Control & Automate Your Workflow

To Reduce Your Workload & Streamline Your Processes

Use Conditional Logic

To Create Dynamic Processes

Use conditional logic to create truly dynamic checklists based on if/then logic.

Show and hide tasks and controls based on the value entered in to a specific control, such as a text box or drop down.

Responsive checklists give you more power. For example, if the user selects a product you can display tasks and controls that are related to that specific product only.

You can create multiple conditional logic rules to control exactly how you want your process to behave.

Build Dynamic and Responsive Processes Using Conditional Logic

Auto-Assign Tasks

To Collaborate Easily

Tasks can be automatically assigned by defining the assignments in your template. You can assign tasks to users and groups, or even to parameters, which allows you to set the assignees when you create your checklist.

You can also assign tasks directly from within your checklists.

Control access to a task by specifying that only assignees can complete the task.

All assignees are instantly notified via email whenever they are assigned to a task. Your team will always know exactly what they need to work on.

Dynamic Due Dates

Auto Adjust To Your Workflow

Dynamic due dates allow you create rules that determine when a task is due for completion.

You can base your due date on the checklist start date, the completion of other tasks, or even specific date controls within your checklists.

When your checklist is run the dynamic due date rules will react to user input and automatically adjust.

Automatic email notifications are sent when a task becomes overdue.

Add custom notifications to create an exact sequence of email notifications before and after a task is due.

Create rules to automatically adjust the due date

Enforced Order

Using Halt Tasks

Enforce the order in which tasks can be completed using halt tasks.

All tasks that follow a halted task will be disabled until the halted task and all preceding tasks have been completed.

When used in combination with exclusive assignments you can easily build approval steps in to your processes.

Custom Notifications

To Keep You In The Loop

Create rules to send email notifications when specific events occur in your checklists.

Events include:

  • Task Is Due In
  • Task Is Overdue By
  • Task Is Completed
  • Task Status Has Changed
  • Checklist Is Completed

Email notifications can be sent to users and groups within your team, and also to external email addresses.

Easily create a sequence of event based email notifications.

For example, by using the Task Is Due In and Task Is Overdue By events you can setup a sequence of emails something like the example below:

  1. 📧 - Task is due in 1 day
  2. 📧 - Task is due in 4 hours
  3. 📧 - Task is due now
  4. 📧 - Task is overdue by 2 hours
Receive Automatic Email and In App Notifications

Parameterized Checklists

For Run-Time Values

Parameters can be added to your templates and then bound to any number of controls or task assignments.

The values of your parameters are set when the checklist is run. Your parameter bindings are then dynamically updated.

This is a powerful feature that allows you to do things like:

  • Automatically assign tasks to users or groups even when the assignees are not always the same.
  • Initialise your checklist with key information.
  • Dynamically set up your checklist by combining parameters with Conditional Logic.
  • Set default values for specific controls.
  • Change the available values in your list controls.

The example screenshot shows three parameters being included in the checklist creation prompt.

Create rules to automatically adjust the due date

Recurring Checklists

Using Our Powerful Scheduler

Automatically run your checklists to your own custom schedules.

Repeat daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every other thursday, every 3 months on the 15th. We will be able to cover every scenario you can think of.

Don't worry about manually creating checklists for your recurring processes. We'll do it for you.

Combine scheduling with our other features and your processes can be run and completed without any extra input from you at all. You will love the ways in which we can reduce your workload.

Create Recurring Checklists Using Our Scheduler

Run Your Processes

As Powerful and Collaborative Checklists

Checklists created within CheckFlow are powerful, easy to use and beautifully presented.

Our SOP software includes controls and workflow features which allow you to easily build seemingly complex processes.

The automation features help to control your workflow and reduce your workload.

Collaboration is easy with task assignments, and always accurate as we keep your data synchronized in real-time across users and devices.

Have a look at some of the ways companies are using our checklist software to manage their processes and standard operating procedures more effectively.

Integrate With Over 2,000 Apps Using Zapier

Our API & Webhooks Provide Even Greater Flexibility

Easily connect with over 2,000 other apps using our Zapier integration. Set up integrations and automations without writing any code.

For even greater flexibility use our open REST API.

You can even subscribe to our real-time JSON webhooks. Instantly receive JSON payloads on any receiving endpoint.

Integrate With Other Applications Using Zapier

Keep Track of Your Checklists

Using Our Real-Time Dashboard

Use our dashboard to keep track of your checklists in real-time. If someone completes a task your dashboard is automatically updated with the change ensuring that you're always viewing the latest data.

You can control exactly what you want to display on your dashboard by using the filters and search functions.

Checklist tasks can even be completed directly from the dashboard if the permissions and required fields allow for that.

Our BPM software allows you to easily create and manage your processes from start to finish.

Analytics and Reporting To Give You Control Of Your Data

Analytics & Reporting

To Give You Control Of Your Data

Our Analytics dashboard provides you with all the data you need to see where improvements can be made to your processes.

Export data for further analysis in an external application.

View and print your checklists for offline use.

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