Create Checklists

Our drag and drop designer allows you to easily create powerful templates from which checklists can be derived. Drag our controls on to the task content area to display content and/or capture input.


Workflow Features

You can precisely control the behaviour of your checklists using our workflow features. These include conditional logic, enforced order, assignable tasks, due dates, scheduled checklists etc.


Progress in Real-Time

Our dashboard allows you to keep track of your checklists in real-time. Whenever a change is made to a task your dashboard is automatically updated so that you always see the latest data.



Our checklists stay synchronized. When a user updates a checklist all other users in the team are automatically updated too. This means that multiple users can work on a checklist at the same time.


Build Powerful Checklists
Using Our Drag & Drop Template Builder

Unlimited Tasks & Headings

Create as many tasks and headings as you need. Tasks can have actionable input controls. Headings can be used to provide detail and structure.

Add Meaning With Controls

Enhance the content of your tasks with 14 different controls, inculding text boxes, drop downs, date & time picker, file upload, subtasks and more.

Simple Drag & Drop

You can drag and drop the controls from the control pane on the right to the content area in the middle. You can also drag the order of the tasks and headings in the task pane on the left.

Version Control

Any time you change a template a new version is created. You can view the version history of a template and easily go back to a previous version if required.

Control Your Processes
With Our Powerful Workflow Features

Conditional Logic

Build conditional logic rules to show and hide tasks based on the value entered in to a specific control, such as a text box or drop down.

Enforced Order

Enforce task order by adding a halt to a task. This prevents any tasks that follow from being completed until all preceeding tasks have been completed.

Due Dates

Add due dates to tasks to automatically flag when a task is overdue. Optionally get notified when a task is overdue by a specific amount of time.

Assign & Permission Tasks

Assign tasks to users and/or groups. Optionally specify that only assignees can complete the task.

Stay Synchronized
Our Checklists, Dashboard and Templates Are Always in Sync

This demo shows a checklist being accessed and changed by two different users at the same time. When one user makes a change to the checklist that change is immediately updated to all users in the same team using SignalR. This means that users can work on the same item (checklist, template etc.) concurrently.

Keep Track of Your Checklists
Using Our Real-Time Dashboard

Real-Time Monitoring

Use our dashboard to keep track of your checklists in real-time. If someone completes a task your dashboard is automatically updated with the change ensuring that you are always viewing the latest data.

You can control exactly what you want to display on your dashboard by using the filters and search functions.

Checklist tasks can even be completed directly from the dashboard if the permissions and required fields allow for that.

It Doesn't End There
We Also Have These Great Features


Our analytics area gives you all the data you need to analyse how your checklists are being used. Data points include duration, frequency and overdue flags amongst many others.

Template Library

We have a growing library of templates covering a wide range of business processes. You can import and modify any template to meet your exact requirements before using them in your business.

View Template Library


You can create custom schedules for your templates so that new checklists are automatically created on a recurring basis. Our scheduler covers every possible scheduling scenario you will ever need.

Guest Users

You can create as many guest users as you would like for free. Guest users can complete checklist tasks that are assigned to them.

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  • Unlimited Templates
  • Real-Time Synchronization with SignalR
  • Conditional Logic
  • Enforced Order
  • Role Assignments
  • Due Dates
  • Checklist Scheduling
  • Chat, Email & Scheduled Support
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Enterprise Plan

All features of the Business Plan, plus

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